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No matter how well you perform your professional duties, you can still be sued. Protect yourself. The most popular technology insurance policies are:

Technology Errors and Omissions Coverage: A must-have for a tech firm. If your clients sue you for losses caused by your products or services, E&O coverage will reimburse your legal expenses as well as damages you may be required to pay. It also protects you if someone sues you for breach of warranty, or claims that you misrepresented the performance of your services.

Malicious Code Coverage: Protects against claims that you failed to prevent the unauthorized access, use or introduction of malicious code into data, software, systems or networks.

Personal Injury Coverage for IT: Protects you if someone claims that your services resulted in invasion of privacy, the slander of a third party, public disclosure of private facts.

Content Coverage: Protects against claims that your products or services infringed on third party copyrights or trademarks or plagiarized content or misappropriated ideas under implied consent.

Other popular tech insurance policies are: Denial of Service Coverage, Computers and Media Coverage, Business Income Interruption Coverage.

Insurance products tailored to fit technology business needs can be purchased in packages or separately. Using our service, you can match your coverage needs with top insurance companies, compare quotes and get advice from tech insurance specialists.

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